The Door (Trailer) 3D/VR Short Film

THE DOOR (8min)

Viewer feedbacks...

Alana Spragg - Gripping the edge of sanity and tearing edges of reality"
"Nearly shat myself. Will Moore
"The Door - bringing the creeping dread and big scares of The Blair Witch Project to VR. If VR films are about the 'experience' this film had me squirming and jumping in my seat. " Ben Powdrell - Weta Digital

"Not since the Lumiere brothers drove a train at a stampeding audience has a film thrust it's viewers into this level of immersive displacement. Finally, we have taken a second step into a brave, new cinema" Miles Buckingham - WFS Film Handler

"An immersive first person window into the chilling consequences of curiosity and loyalty... what lies beyond the warm light of day, in the gloom of the subconscious, behind the door ...? " Andy Hummel

“Surreal. Like sitting in the cockpit of someone else’s head.” Rhian Sheehan screen composer

“I was in a world where every sense i thought I could control was lost to me, where I was paralysed and dreading what was going to happen next.
This film by Ed Davis is powerful new form of cinema that breaks all the boundaries and puts the viewer dead centre in the story that unfolds in their head.”
Will Moore Film Maker.

"Immersive, suspenseful and entirely gripping. Five stars." Alistair Fraser

"Bloody brilliant! Takes you on a trippy immersive journey into the belly of a dark and strange beast" Sam Buys - Weta Digital




Real humans, locations, lighting [no cg] - old school filmmaking - devising cumulative writing testing and reworking for the best outcomes in 3DVR storyverse... Long takes and time to process your surroundings / what happens next... gives a special sense of presence / immediacy / immersion - you are there with the story, in the story

2x 360 cams side by side, recording dual-super-fisheye video streams = 3D/VR/180

playback on Oculus Rift or HTC Vive = best results = left, right, up, down places to look




3DVR In the Works..

> Kids adventure short

> Live string quartet

> Drama school solos

> Aerial silks surreal short in the wild

> Vaudeville style macarbe clown magicians

> Burlesque feather fan dance





Coming soon...






coming soon...





Coming soon...

Coin operated VR booth like the old peep shows of 50's coney island